We welcome you to our site and our church.  It is no coincidence that you clicked here. This is the place for you to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  as well as grow strong in the faith. If you live in Nairobi feel free to worship with us.


This is Seventh-Day Adventist Church Cornerstone in Nairobi Kenya. We are an English speaking church located in Mountain View estate off Waiyaki way and 1km from Kangemi Market Centre.


You are welcome to be part of this family of fellowship as we wait for the soon coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


To listen to some of the common Adventist choirs' songs click here:

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Sabbath Worship Service

The Sabbath Worship Service is a special time when we recognize God as our Sovereign King and come into His presence to honor Him. In our worship service we praise God with hymns, prayers, scripture reading, tithes and offerings, a special musical selection, and a story just for the children. Then our pastors share the gospel from the Word of God. We close with another hymn and prayer.

Worship is an important part of our weekly experience. We meet formally for services twice a week. All are welcome…we hope to see you!






Worship Schedule

Sabbath School – 8:30 am  Lesson study through discussion. To access the lesson click here.
Worship Service – 11:00am 

Prayer Meeting – 6:00 - 7.00pm


Vespers/Sabbath Opening - 6:00 - 7.00pm


We have a special children department who ensures that the children learn both spiritual and mental development through various activities. Below are some of the physical activities that the children department engages in:

You are welcome with your son or daughter to join us in the Sabbath programs this Saturday as from 8am so that we can learn from our saviour His lessons of love.

To read and even download children materials for all groups please visit the links below: 
We enjoy our worship appreciating nature. Under the mango tree we have the main church. 

We are still looking for land and finances for the temple of the Lord. This is His work and we know for sure one day we'll see it and and marvel "This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes." 
(Psa 118:23 KJV)

We hope you will join us in this proclamation.